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H-B12 Melts

H-B12 Melts

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H-B12 Melts

Replaces Canker Melts

H-B12 Melts are long-lasting adhering discs with hyaluronan and bioactive B12 to relieves temporary pain from mouth sores, cuts, wounds, and mouth ulcers and support a healthy mouth lining. H-B12 Melts adhere to a tooth, gums, or brace nearest the sore, last for hours, and fully dissolve. Use H-B12 Melts for temporary relief from your painful mouth sores.


Because H-B12 Melts can be adhered close to the painful area in your mouth, they are a perfect solution for targeted relief. The slow-release adhering discs help relieve pain in minutes. They last for hours and work well with braces and denture sore spots

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