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MI Paste Plus- Strawberry w/ recaldent

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About GC MI Paste Plus™

It’s Like Vitamins for Your Teeth!
Saliva helps provide essential minerals that strengthen your teeth and protect the enamel. Various activities can create an acid imbalance that makes it difficult to produce saliva and protective minerals.

MI Paste is a one-of-a-kind product that restores minerals and helps you produce saliva. It is the only dental product with RECALDENT™ (CPP-ACP), a special milk-derived protein that is a breakthrough in oral health care in helping to remineralize teeth.

MI Paste Plus with RECALDENT™ (CPP-ACP):

  • Strengthens your teeth with tooth-replenishing calcium and phosphate
  • Releases vital minerals into your mouth when and where they are needed
  • Produces a saliva-like environment that maintains normal acid levels and healthy teeth
  • RECALDENT™ CPP-ACP is milk derived with lactose content less than 0.01%.*
  • Helps condition, protect and rebuild your tooth surfaces
  • Is a water-based, sugar-free crème that comes in five delicious flavors
  • 40g Tube

MI Paste with RECALDENT (CPP-ACP) fortifies your teeth to keep your smile vibrant for a lifetime.

* Casein phosphopeptides are derived from milk casein. Do not use this material on if you have a suspected milk protein allergy and/or with a sensitivity or allergy to benzoate preservatives.

(Contains Flouride)

The MI Paste™ and MI Paste Plus™ Family MI Paste is the only product for professional use containing the active ingredient RECALDENT™ (CPP-ACP), a special milk-derived phosphopeptide that binds calcium and phosphate to tooth surfaces, plaque and surrounding soft tissue. MI Paste is a water-based, sugar-free créme that is applied directly to the tooth surface or oral cavity. MI Paste with RECALDENT™ (CPP-ACP) restores the oral mineral imbalances that cause demineralization by replacing minerals while improving saliva flow and fluoride uptake as well as soothing sensitive surfaces - making it an ideal treatment for: Reversing tooth sensitivity and restoring enamel gloss after whitening procedures Relieving dry mouth caused by certain medications Reducing high oral acid levels from excessive soft drink consumption Reversing tooth sensitivity before and after professional cleaning Reducing high oral acid levels - sometimes a consequence of pregnancy Buffering acids produced by bacteria and plaque Regular conditioning during orthodontics, during and after bands or brackets have been removed, to prevent and reverse white spot lesions Providing a topical coating for patients suffering from erosion, caries and conditions arising from xerostomia Use MI Paste™ After tooth whitening For pregnant women For children six years and under During and/or after orthodontics For desensitizing To provide extra protection for teeth MI Paste Plus offers the same benefits of MI Paste , but is enhanced with a patented form of fluoride (900ppm) to further promote remineralization and protect teeth from caries development. Since the fluoride acts in conjunction with RECALDENT™ (CPP-ACP), it is more effective than fluoride alone. MI Paste Plus is the only product that gives you the correct bio-available ratio of 5-calcium, 3-phosphate and 1-fluoride, which provides the ultimate enamel strengthening. Specially designed for patients at high risk for dental caries and dental erosion, MI Paste Plus enhances mineral uptake without encouraging the formation of calculus. MI Paste Plus is safe and easy to use both in office and at home, and can even be claimed on a patient''s insurance as fluoride treatment. It is also recommended for night use in patients with marked salivary dysfunction (dry mouth) due to medications, systemic illnesses, or salivary gland disease, because of the enhanced risk of mineral loss from dental caries or dental erosion. Use MI Paste Plus™ For white spot lesions For desensitizing During and/or after orthodontics For medically compromised patients For salivary deficiency/dry mouth For patients with acidic oral environments For erosion and gastric reflux For patients with poor plaque control For high-caries risk patients To provide extra protection for teeth

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